The place of arrangement HOUSE OF SPORTS

Once a year the House of Sports changes into Little-Wimbledon.
In the covered court arises a Centre court with a sponsors area, exhibitions and a Catering area.
In the business management and the gym area develops a Players lounge,
a Press agency and an Activity-Desk (a reception desk for players) for the ATP Supervisor and the carpool.

Furthermore there is a separate tournament entry and in the outdoor area are tents to
accommodate the ballkids and the linesmen. The tennis cottage converts into a teamkitchen where
every day up to 300 meals are cooked for the complimentary helpers.
The building up takes about 40 hours in order that the otherwise biggest north Bavarian sports
and leisure time centre is adequate for an international event.

The tour full size

The ATP-Tournament would not be possible without the aid of the complimentary helpers.
Every year we are impressed by the dedication of all the hard-working hands.

A big part of the preparation has to be done in one day of building up. Until early in the morning
everybody does a great job and we create something “impossible”.
At this point a sincere thank you. We know to appreciate the help.

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